Give Your Teen a Winning Smile

March 11th, 2020

Give Your Teen A Winning Smile

Does your teen avoid smiling because they don’t like their teeth? An adolescent’s smile can actually have a profound effect on their self-esteem and even impact their social skills. Further, according to a research study out of Webster University, a confident smile can be seen as being more attractive than traditional good looks. 


We know that our teens are super conscious of their image. Just look at the number of selfies they take, and how much time they spend liking, commenting and sharing their friends’ photos on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. That’s why when teens come to Benkovich Orthodontics we provide options to ensure their confidence stays high while their smiles improve.


Through orthodontic treatment (either with traditional braces or Invisalign) Dr. Benkovich can correct genetic issues from crowding and spaced teeth to protruding upper teeth. He can also address improper bites due to thumb-sucking as a child, periodontal disease, poor dental hygiene, early or late loss of primary teeth or trauma to the teeth from a sporting injury.


The other good news is that adolescence is the optimal time to rectify orthodontic problems since teens haven’t yet finished growing. Early correction of orthodontic problems frequently takes less time in treatment and is less costly when compared to correction of dental problems that have been allowed to progress into adulthood.


Improving and encouraging your teens’ self-esteem is one of our core values at Benkovich Orthodontics. It’s one of the big reasons why we offer Invisalign (besides the fact that its excellent technology that allows us to create beautiful, healthy smiles). In fact, a study by Invisalign, confirms that “people with straight teeth are perceived more likely to be happy” … we hope all our patients are leaving our practice happy after each and every appointment. 


Want to give your teen a smile that will help boost their self-confidence? Bring them to Benkovich Orthodontics where we’ll give them a smile that will knock ‘em out of the park!

With two convenient locations, Annapolis and Kent Island, we are ready to help you start smiling. Please contact our Annapolis or our Kent Island office to schedule a complimentary consultation or click below:

Dr. Benkovich earned a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University. After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Maryland Dental School, he pursued an orthodontic residency at the University of Louisville. In addition to being certified in the dental specialty of orthodontics, he conducted original research in digital radiology for which he earned a master’s degree in oral biology. He is a lifelong student who attends numerous continuing education courses each year, which helps him stay on top while providing the latest in orthodontic care.

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